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Sibling Rivalry (part 2)

Last time we talked about sibling rivalry and if you missed the newsletter, you can always go online and read the article at our web page, consumedym.org.

This isn’t an easy issue by a stretch. We are dealing with unique individuals who have not yet learned the concept that they quite possibly could be flawed. This might actually come as a surprise to your teen. Teenagers react very passionately to actual or perceived injustices.

It reminds me of Luke 9 when Jesus was speaking to His disciples after His transfiguration. Jesus was visibly transformed before their very eyes. He was communicating with the Father and with those who had long passed. For the disciples, it should have been one of the most spiritually encouraging events. But somehow it ended up in an argument about who had more importance to Jesus among the Twelve. Sibling rivalry. Amidst the incredible joys of being so closely connected to the Father that Jesus could actually talk to him, listen to him and enjoy him, his disciples had to blow it with bickering.

“I’m better than you are. Na na na na na!” said Peter. John replies, “Jesus loves me more!” And of course James has to interject, “But I’ve spent way more time taking care of Jesus than all of you combined.”

All Jesus had to say was, “Whoever is least among you, this one is the greatest.” Have you noticed that Jesus always speaks truth in the most grace-filled way? He didn’t join in the argument. He simply reminded them the more important thing.

We have to teach our teens that it’s about others. Serving is way more important than being served. But first, our actions will be much louder than our words!

How do you as a parent serve your teenager? What do you do when your teenager is the most ungrateful punk on the block? How do you respond when you slave hours over a meal only to find that your teenager makes an off-hand comment that implies it tastes like dog food.

The toughest thing to do as a parent is to continue serving in those moments. You know, those moments when you see your teenagers at their worst. When siblings fight and bicker and just cannot get along. Those moments wen World War 3 seems to be starting in your van ride to church, nonetheless. Those are the moments you remind your teenagers that rivalry is overcome by service.

So let me ask you, how are your serving? Who is greatest among you? Is it the one who serves? Or the one who dominates? I challenge you this week to be the example of Christ–who served in a much greater way that we ever will–to your kids this week.

Your Biggest Fan,
-Pastor Michael

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