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Making the Most of Our Time

I read a blog article the other day that gave some very great advice on how to make the most of our time.  They suggest we form three practical habits to help us when it comes to being with our kids.  Here’s my take on that article (which you can read here.)


When we can visually see how much time is left, we will make the time we do have matter more.  Quick, answer this question: How many weeks are left before your teenager graduates from High School?  You probably don’t know that off the top of your head.  So having something as simple as a jar of marbles to represent each week is a visual reminder of the time you have left with your kids.  Try taking a marble out each week until they leave home.  That way you can see the time remaining you have with them and being to make it matter more.


Let’s face it, we are over-scheduled, busy people.  As a working dad, I am constantly filling my days with meetings, and deadlines, and tasks that feel really urgent. But if I’m not intentional, that is ALL that will get space on my calendar. So, once every month or so, I look at my calendar and schedule the things that no one is asking me to schedule. I mark up the calendar with things like:

  • go on a date with Amber.
  • take the kids out.
  • have a movie night.

That may sound silly. But by “marking it up,” it reserves the time. Because I know the weeks are limited. I need a reminder to make the weeks count.


Every day isn’t a special day. In fact, most days are pretty typical. But one of the best ways to make the most of every week is to create some habits that begin to add to the typical. For example, what do you do every morning at breakfast? What if part of your breakfast routine just became looking for ways to encourage?  Or, when do you eat together? What if one meal a day was media-free time when you were intentional about having a conversation with your child? Or, what’s the last thing you do before they go to bed at night? Every day ends the same way. We go to bed. So what’s your bedtime routine? How do you make the most of the moments right before your son or daughter drifts off to sleep?

I know there are parents reading this who are smarter than me and parents who are just better at this TIME thing than I am. So what are your habits? How do you make the most of your TIME? How do you Count it Down, Mark it Up, and Measure it out. I’d love to learn from you!

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